All Art Work by

Moses Chang Min Shin

From sketches to mock-ups, from versions and updates through to the glorious final image - the artist was amazing. I look forward to working with him again on my next novel: Esc4pe Jakarta.

Esc4pe Jakarta is a Young Adult fiction novel due to be published in 2016. 

This isn’t Vancouver anymore! Fifteen-year-old Spencer must grow up quickly when war breaks out around him in the tropical country of Indonesia. Without their parents help, Spencer and his 12-year-old sister find themselves running from arrest, stealing, and avoiding wild animals in this adventure of a lifetime. Escaping Jakarta with the help their Muslim friends Spencer comes face to face with his own prejudice and must discover if his father is wrong, if his young heart is true, and if he can save not only himself but his whole family. Spencer knows every boy becomes a man but what kind of man will he become?   

Author: Rod Lamirand

The long process from concept to cover

was absolutely painless as Moses is as

talented as he is tactful.

Cover Art Iterations