Dear Reader: In your hands, you are holding a unique copy of The Eyes of the Arab Boy. This book is called the Random Roads copy and is the only such copy of this novel in the world. Chances are someone gave this book to you. And chances are someone gave it to them. The first reader will have received it from the author on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 during the book’s launch event in Canada.

Random Roads hopes:

It is hoped you will…


Random Roads COPY

That’s it. This Random Roads copy may disappear on June 7th never to be heard of again or, with luck, it may travel the world, a literary message in a bottle whose primary message is – read and share. If anyone along the path is interested in letting the author know the book still lives, they can do so at the web page on the back cover.

The Random Roads copy of The Eyes of the Arab Boy is a special copy which was given to a stranger at the book launch. Inside the book is the following inserted page.

If you have the Random Roads copy of the novel and want to send the author a note on its whereabouts please do so here: 

Author: Rod Lamirand

  • read the book.
  • put your name (or first name, or initials) in the book.
  • put the date with your name.
  • record the country in which you read the book.​
  • give the book to someone in another country or who is going to another country.