Extracts from... The Eyes of the Arab Boy

It was a tough phone call. How do you tell your new friends, the sophisticated and nice new friends you are keen to be equally sophisticated and nice to, that you are locked up and need four thousand dollars because you are about to go to jail for sex parties, porn, and adultery? And do it out of the blue, over the phone, while the police listen?

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Rod Lamirand.


Stash and Anna... a Canadian couple in their first overseas teaching jobs, are in danger of imprisonment and flogging when their attempts to ‘spice it up’ are witnessed by a Muslim neighbour. Things go from alarming to heart pounding when the Omani police, investigating expatriate teachers in relation to computer crime, find blasphemy and illicit images on their computer. Charged with crimes against Sharia law they must escape the country and hold on to their marriage...

Esc4pe Jakarta

New Novel from Rod Lamirand:

Esc4pe Jakarta

is a Young Adult  novel: This isn’t Canada anymore! Fifteen-year-old Spencer must grow up quickly when war breaks out around him in the tropical country of Indonesia. Without their parents help, Spencer and his 11-year-old sister find themselves running from arrest, stealing, and avoiding wild animals in this adventure of a lifetime. Escaping Jakarta with the help their Muslim friends, Spencer comes face to face with his own prejudice and must discover if his father is wrong, if his young heart is true, and if he can save not only himself but his whole family. Spencer knows every boy becomes a man but what kind of man will he become? 


Author: Rod Lamirand

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“The information you and Anna must put in your head is all here,”

he taps the envelope. “Now is time to decide.”
John Marco leads me outside, the driver still in the sedan, engine running.

Running is a confession of guilt. 

Running is dangerous.

But we are guilty. 

By their rules, by their culture, their laws, their god, we are guilty.